You’ve found the gateway to the Entry Form for HPP 2024!  
Before you begin the form, please read the following.


The HPP 2024 performance fees for solos, duets, and instrumental ensembles with fewer than 8 performers, are determined solely by the total duration of the performance: 
- up to  3 minutes:  £8.00 
- up to  6 minutes: £12.00 
- up to 10 minutes: £15.00 
- up to 15 minutes: £20.00 
- for longer than 15 minutes, please drop us a message using the contact form

For ensembles with 8 or more performers, and choirs of any size, the fee is £24.00 for any duration of performance up to 20 minutes.

Choosing sessions

In the Entry Form, you’ll be asked to “select all the applicable sessions which your performer is available for” from a list of tick-boxes for different instrument sections, dates and times. Be sure only to tick boxes for the correct instrument section! And please do tick as many of those boxes as possible, to give us the greatest flexibility with the performance schedule. We’ll programme the schedule to best suit all of the HPP performers and the audience for each particular session

How to pay

The Entry Form does not take payment automatically. Instead, HPP kindly requests that you make payment by bank transfer. After you hit “Submit” on the Entry Form, HPP’s bank details will be revealed in a pop-up. Also, you must use the correct payment reference; it is specific to you, and the Entry Form tells you how to work it out.

Making more than one entry (for non-teachers) 

The Entry Form caters for up to three performance slots, but only on instruments within the same section (Woodwind, Brass, Voice, Strings, Piano, ‘Other’). Those performances can, however, be in different formats, for instance, one solo, one duet, one small ensemble. This doesn’t mean that a participant in the festival is limited to only one instrument - of course not! So... 

You should complete two separate entry forms for an individual performer whose performances would be in more than one section. 
You need only complete one entry form for an individual performer whose performances are within the same section but on different instruments, for instance, clarinet and saxophone. (State the instrument for their solo performance in the ‘Performance instrument’ field, and state the other instruments in the ‘Additional notes’ field at the bottom.) 

If you submit multiple Entry Forms, you may add the fees together to make just one payment to HPP. The payment reference you must use is specific to you as a customer, not to each entry you make.


Making more than one entry (for teachers) 

Thank you for planning to enter lots of students into HPP! You’ll probably find it’s easier to complete this sheet then transfer it to us here, than to have to work through the online Entry Form many times over.

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